Monday, October 17, 2011

Diaper Tri-cycle

From this...

... to this

His and...


Saturday, October 15, 2011


The first view of Alaska from the plane. I was so excited to see Alaska after 20 years.

More pictures from my seat.
The small plane I took to Skagway from Juneau.
Just an FYI, when you hit turbulence on a plane this size the plane doesn’t jostle or shake...
it drops. I know right!?!

Views from the small plane ride.

From the moment I got off the plane I was freezing. Alicia made me soup to help warm me up (how sweet of her). I tried helping her stirring the soup and it started to boil and it boiled up and burnt me. I spent the night with my hand in a bowl of water. What a baby, huh?

As a child I remember following the Iditarod dog race every year. The first excursion Alicia and I went on was to see training station where they train the dogs for the Iditarod race. So cool.
We got to ride a sled pulled by the dogs. You can see by the picture how fast we went.
The whole dog team.
Alicia and I on the dog sled.

New racing puppies.

This little guy was adorable. Loved him.

Look at all those puppies.

The next excursion we went on was glass blowing.

Say hello to my little freind.
Later that day Alicia took me on a hike to one of her favorite places.

The view of Skagway harbor from our hike.

Alicia was ambitious that day cause after our hike we went on another hike to Smuggler’s Cove. This was my favorite place. We hiked up to a rock and sat down and enjoyed the breeze for a while.
The next day I got to ride on Alicia’s bus on an excursion to the Yukon Territory. This bridge is only connected to the earth on the left side, it is only supported on the right side by laying on the ground.

Alicia loves this things. They are called Inuksuks and they are all over Alaska and Canada. Canadian’s love them so much they were on the logo of the 2010 Winter Olympics.
More Yokon pics.

At Caribou Crossing we went to a museum that held a bunch of stuffed animals commonly found in Alaska.

This picture doesn’t capture the awesome-ness and beauty of this waterfall. SO COOL.

The leaves were beautiful in the Yukon.

Alaska Native
Beautiful Drive... for the first 6 hours.
Alicia and I thought this cloud looked like the dog-like thing from The Never Ending Story.

These guys were everywhere.

It rained for 6 hours straight.

The trip was awesome and much needed. The drive back was long long long. One night we slept in our car. The next night we drove until 2 in the morning. I begged Alicia to let us get a hotel for the night. It took some work but she finally agreed. I just couldn’t stay in the car another night and I really needed to shower.
The final day of driving was a long one. We stopped in Seattle to see our cousin Sarah, Jimi and Gracie. At 11:00 pm on the third day of driving Alicia and I finally reached our parents house in Washington. *sigh*

When the trip was finally over Alicia and I crossed over 60 bridges and went through 7 tunnels, saw tons of bison, almost hit a black bear and filled our the gas tank over 10 times.